house on the tram and Temple Church through the first Seventh-day Adventist Church in response to express interest by some members of the Boston African-American Community a white woman mean sister eh Watson and her daughter was impressed by the Holyand to give Bible studies to several families in private home he's faithful Believers were encouraged in their Church organization operates by ministerial Services of to Lancaster Junior College Evangelical students Samuel Levy coins and Charles Yearwood the charter members of the first African-American Southern Adventist Church in Boston included sister Watson her daughter Adelaide Lions brother Hutchinson LS Summers ordeal Jones and repay Foster Rose Brown and Claudia de Paz and Constance Constance Wines in 1912 the number to Temple was officially sanctioned and through the leadership of the young Jewish Minister name older women founding members gain admission to the organization of Massachusetts 7 Day Adventist that was later named the southern New England Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists the first administration of the number to Temple included Elder James was the consummate and Hicks treasurer of the Lions because of Sophia still supported and Bible verse John F York. In 1916 former student missionary Charles Yearwood was appointed the first official minister of the number to church under his leadership a small single-family house on the corner of cobalt and Sterling Street was converted into a place of worship and became the first place of The Bridge Church in the African American community in Boston Massachusetts in the late 1940s Berea paid the mortgage on the summit at church and through the leadership of Pastor Stanley B Huddleston from New Jersey security building 714 to 716 Shawmut Ave and Jason to the church pastor hudelson a minister with vocal talents brought many new patients to the church and the increased face was necessary to have so many new useful convert to the message the temperatures of Pastor Toussaint L Davis and I've got a locket in the 1950s continued the Evangelical forever and church membership multiplied. To accommodate the growth of Syria in 1968 Pastor today is D Wilson of the parishioners to purchase a larger building although he was unable to persuade the membership to develop his vision of growth God gave his test the pastor Eugene Carter who convinced the membership to purchase the present building on 108 Cedar Street in Dorchester in 1959 Princess Celestia Wilson's original Vision was to be recaptured and revised to the entrepreneurship of his son Pastor Russell T Wilson in 1964 he guided the church through its renovation of the century in which members know what ship is Administration document was renowned throughout the Boston business communityperiod in 1967 Pastor W Harold Campbell former Pastor Wilson through his articulate oratory skills he and his wife Claudia Kimball musical talents of the school's experts became a joyful meditative experience with church members car solenoid you and you succeeded


Pastor Campbell four years later in 1971 through his mission and Ministry he was endowed with the ability to create new church sites in New England and was responsible for the birth of the front creation Temple sealing and better Spanish Church and the Cambridge mission as a result organization skills he later became president of the northeastern conference Pastor Benjamin Cummings followed passing Newton's Ministry at Berea in 1976 in 1983 I received a special blessing of beautiful Pat Patterson in the person of Pastor John Nixon like Pastor Green before he had a vision for Community involvement and personal enhancement through the support of Christian education is Ministry of Pastor Newton's before we were to get 70 Church in Brockton after his departure and really is a shin of his academic dreams became the pastor of the Atlantic Union College Church the Oakwood College Church and its current minister of Southern Ministry College in Tennessee God then sent Pastor Michael Bernard to Berea in 1986 he blessed us with his Dynamic energy is social voice a deep commitment to community literacy and provision of scholarships for children attendance Adventures Institution. He also brought an additional charge to Brio's for the night of his mission was initiated in 1987 and became involved in the black ministerial Alliance he was referred by women in Berea the annual celebration of Mother's Day was instituted at the church the Berean Church has been blessed with the director of personal issues getting a rise in 1995 he brought his own Vision prescription medication and enhance the statue of Berea an immediate community and became political leader to the membership of the ministerial Alliance there are many churches with phone number to Holiday mass Choirs which are gathered together to praise the Lord he also included the use in many aspects of his ministry and train Panther chameleons Wesley later became the pastor of Roxbury church ministry was followed by the service of Reginald Washington from Hartford Connecticut in 1992Pastor Ed Rogers serves as the interim Minister and Pastor Jon Jones succumb the air conditioning system for the Century Security also purchased to church then that was used for transportation of senior citizens I also accidentally shoot Mission and its first Pastor James bridges in the past 5 years. Has been blessed with the leadership of dr. is Marty Roberts a former principal at 3 Academy to return to Boston as a senior pastor Maria under his tutelage Pastor James Hansen was appointed to work with the use of Syria and young contemporary worship service between the church institution and Pastor Roberts and ministration and you are going was purchased through the efforts and sacrifices of many members especially Lauren Singletary. Pastor Walter Rose and  served as interim minister before the arrival of Pastor David Sr. The Berea church is blessed through the years with 24 pastors and currently serving is Pastor Omar G. Jarvis bringing a 21st century leadership to an historial church.