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We believe in God the Father We believe in Jesus Christ We believe in the Holy Spirit And He's given us new life. We believe in the crucifixion We believe that He conquered death We believe in the resurrection And He's comin' back again !

What we Believe




Juggling 3 Wives and One God in São Tomé

By Andrew McChesney,

Carlos Freitas had three wives in São Tomé, capital of the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe off the West African coast.

He and his seven brothers grew up in the home of a Seventh-day Adventist grandmother. But he and his siblings drifted away from the church after their grandmother died.

When he was 21, Carlos moved in with his Sunday-keeping girlfriend, Edite, and they had a baby daughter. Read more...


Brazilian Dodges Bombs in Angola and Iraq.

By Carolyn Azo, South American Division

Dismayed by news reports of starving people in Africa, Marcelo Dornelles left a comfortable life in Brazil to provide ADRA-backed relief in the war-torn countries of Mozambique, Angola, and Iraq.

Although only 48, Marcelo has white hair and a well-lined face that testify to years of arduous humanitarian work amid bomb explosions, intense sun, severe cold, and pounding rain. He wouldn’t change a thing. Read more...



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