Get Involved

Here at Berea there are many ministries to get involved with. Sign up and become apart of something great!.


Children Church

Children Church is place were children creativity ca come to life as they lear about their creator. We Provide a child-friendly atmosphere where our children can grow, where they can be taught about God and his love for them and how to serve him.  "It is a noble thing to teach; it is a blessed thing to learn" (Testimonies on Sabbath School Work, p. 17)



"When the heavenly intelligences see that men will no longer present the truth in simplicity as did Jesus, the very children will be moved upon by the Spirit of God and will go forth proclaiming the truth for this time." (SW66, 1895)


Sabbath School

Sabbath school is a place were children can learn more about Jesus. They learn songs and bible verse and stories



Be apart of shaping the next generation by volunteering for the youth ministry. As a BYM team member you are not only are apart of a team that inspires today but is making a difference for tomorrow.



ACTS Ministries Our Purpose constitutes an extensive effort to Ignite our community through Service Projects, Public Outreach, and Bible trainings. There are Five components to ACTS Ministry: B.L.E.S.S. Build Friendships with others, Provide Leadership Opportunities, Create Evangelism for Youth, Encourage Spiritual Discipline Engage in Service Projects


Adventist® Community Services (ACS)

Adventist® Community Services (ACS) currently provides services such as disaster response, spiritual and emotional crisis care, community development, urban & inner-city ministries, elder care ministry, youth and young adults’ empowered to serve, Hope for Humanity, tutoring and mentoring programs. 

Adventist Community Services is the official community outreach ministry of the Adventist church in North American Division territories which comprises of North America, Guam and Micronesia, and Bermuda. ACS serves the whole person, a concept known as holistic ministry whose mission is to “serve the community in Christ’s name”.

Religious Liberty

Every year on the third Sabbath in January, Seventh-day Adventists around the world take time to remember the God-given gift of religious freedom. And we remember the many millions of men, women, and children who continue to suffer harassment, discrimination, and even imprisonment or physical harm, because they choose faithfulness to God, no matter what.



"Unchained" Prison Ministry

The main goals of Unchained Prison Ministry are to provide spiritual, support for those incarcerated. This ministry focus on buidling positive relationships. There are several churches that collaborate with Berea to make this ministry a success. They include Oak Street, Brockton Temple-Haitian, Real Truth, Foxboro Churches.

The Prison Ministry ministers at several Correctional Institutions including Three-Old Colony, Framingham, Bridgewater Prison-Hospital and curently in process the Gardner.